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Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Alliance Print Group helped the Scottish Chamber Orchestra to deliver their stunning 24/25 programme to a strict launch deadline.


Find out how we leveraged our experience, consulting, and passion for print to get a flagship document over the line, on time. 

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"It’s great to be working with Alliance on the 24/25 Campaign. The brochure looks great, and we’ve had lots of great feedback already."

Derek Gilchrist, Marketing and Communications Director, Scottish Chamber Orchestra

The Challenge

The Scottish Chamber Orchestra is on a mission. 

Since 1974, they’ve been committed to making classical music accessible. They perform in venues across Scotland and beyond throughout the year, bringing world-class music to the masses from Dumfries to Inverness.


A crucial tool in their mission is the annual programme, a flagship document that contains details of the orchestra’s performances, venues, and guests for the coming year. For their audiences, it’s a vital brand touchpoint. 


Production of the programme is complex, with multiple inputs and dependencies. Nevertheless, timely delivery for launch day is critical.


This year, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra turned to Alliance Print Group for our printing expertise.

Perfect orchestration

It took an enormous collaborative effort from the orchestra programming, management, venues, design agency, and printer to launch the programme. Everyone in the production line had an essential role to play, in a specific order, to a no-fail deadline. 


It was a process that couldn't afford slip-ups, and Alliance Print Group’s role was right at the end of the line. 


Last, but not least. 


Once the program went through the design phase and reached Alliance Print Group, it was all hands on deck.


And we didn’t just print it; we worked closely with the design agency and the client to ensure the final product met all the technical specifications and expectations.

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Print Consulting

This year's program was an ambitious 76-page portrait brochure. Our team took the opportunity to sit down with the design agency and the client to help ensure the programme’s success.

Due to a lot of the text being white, out of solid ink coverage on the page, there was a risk of ink filling in the wording due to its size. We were able to mitigate this and avoid potential costly mistakes by advising the client on appropriate file types to prepare for print.  

We also consulted on the use of PUR binding. PUR is a durable, flexible ‘book reading’ glue: it allows readers to open and flatten a bound document without cracking and breaking it. Because this is an annual programme, we wanted it to be durable enough to last a year. 


An outstanding performance

Despite a turnaround that was half as long as we usually require, Alliance Print Group pulled out all the stops to deliver on time, to a high standard. 

The result?


A stunning program that has thrilled the client and allowed people across Scotland to enter the vibrant world of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and witness world-class musical performances. 

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